About This Website

Dear Friends:

Many of you have followed the development of this website beginning a few years ago. Initially, the intention was to provide an archive of all of the writings and recordings of your’s truly in a single package composed of over two hundred files. We did that, and it worked out quite well, with over a thousand current subscribers.

The general feeling expressed by our subscribers is to develop greater focus and more interaction. In response, we have refined the entire website to provide all files for free download in what I will call the 2.0 version.

One: Instead of providing the entire archive all at once, we will have a more "orderly" presentation. We will have an easy index that will quickly take users directly to the file of interest.

Two: We will encourage feedback on the selected items, thoughts, ideas, questions, disagreements, and so forth that will hopefully stimulate further exploration. David will select out of the correspondence material that, with discretion, will be added to a blog.

Three: A library of mp3 audio selections of the entire archive will always be available to interested subscribers in a digital format at no cost. Print files also will always be fully accessible on-line at no cost to the subscribers.

Four: The primary intent of this website will be to bring greater focus on what we will call Contemplative Judaism, including: a) deepening meditation practice, b) focus on Kabbalah and Zohar, c) engagement in the Jewish calendar (especially Shabbat and the Holy Days), d) taking on practices that enhance greater wisdom and compassion on a day-to-day basis, and e) willingness to encounter cross-fertilization with other major contemplative traditions.

Five: This site will remain a work in progress, adjusting when necessary to the needs of the subscribers, and is open to other suggestions that could be entertained. Feedback is welcome.