1307 What does it Mean that God is a Process I Call God-ing (mp3) (free)

It is well known in mystical theology that God is not an entity, a thing that can be measured; an old man in the sky. But there remains confusion regarding the idea of God when we bring time into the picture. Clearly, time is only relevant in our reality with regard the universe, but there is no coherent time before the beginning, so to speak, of this creation. So God transcends time, is timeless, eternal, beyond time. It has no “existence” as such, no “thingness.” Yet, it is ever-present, which means that it is always “here.” Indeed, there is only here and now, only this unfolding moment, and this is the closest we can come to Knowing the Presence. (9:10)

1302 What Does it Mean to Live a Kabbalistic Life? (mp3) (free)

Kabbalah is often approached as an abstract system, but my own preference is to consider it as a way of life, for this opens one up to the practical application of kabbalistic insights. One’s way of life allows us to explore the deeper meanings of experiences and events, and through this method we gravitate to increasingly higher states of consciousness. (7:32)


What is God? God is not what we think It is. God is not a thing, a being, a noun. It does not exist, as existence is defined, for It takes up no space (or includes all space but is not limited by it) and is not bound by time. Jewish mystics often refer to It as Ein Sof, which means Endlessness. Ein Sof should never be conceptualized in any way. It should not be called Creator, Almighty, Father, Mother, Infinite, the One, Brahma, Buddhamind, Allah, Adonoy, Elohim, El, or Shaddai; and It should never, never be called He. It is none of these names and it has no gender.
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