1211 Hasidic Story: Live Somewhat Insane or Die

1211 EG

This wonderful Chasidic tale was told by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, the great grandson of the Besht and the founder of a popular Chasidic sect. It is the story of what a king has to do when he discovers that his entire wheat supply is tainted with a mold that causes people to lose their grasp of reality and become someone insane, but if they don't eat this supply of wheat, they will die.

1208 Hasidic Story: Sitting Close to a Rebbe

1208 EG

This classic Chasidic tale is the story of the significance for the follower of a brilliant teacher to sit as close to him as possible. This particular rebbe, named the Seer of Lublin, was believed to have had the power to see into the future. Being next to him was the most important thing in the world for this particular student. (In the Chasidic world, a rebbe has enlightened powers far beyond any kind of normal human abilities.) 

1207 Hasidic Story: The Besht Liberates a Soul

1207 EG

The Baal Shem Tov (who is known as the BeShT by the first letters of his name) is by far the most popular personality in Chasidic tales. He is a miracle worker who can accomplish wondrous things. In this story, he is able to see the pure soul of a struggling individual; thus he is able to liberate this soul. 

1206 Hasidic Story: Reb Zusia and Fate

1206 EG

Reb Zusia is a famous character in Chasidic tales. In this story, he notices something in a wedding that in mystical terms could cause considerable hardship for the newly-weds. So he goes about trying to solve the problem in mysterious way. (Read this story in print: 2250)

1203 Hasidic Story: Learning to Start Small

1203 EG

This chasidic tale is about how three young rabbis who were destined to become three famous rebbes had the task of raising a significant amount of money to pay the ransom of a young man who was about to be married. There was only one person in the town who could come up with that amount of cash. This is the story of how they went about raising the funds.

1201 Hasidic Story: A Heavenly Debate

1201 EG

Everybody knows that the Chasidim use teaching stories to make a point. This story brings to mind the idea of how fate works, what impact our good (or not so good) thoughts and actions impact upon the universe. Many stories have this theme.