The following is a complete index to David Cooper's audio selections (wp3) and print files, often with brief descriptions. Some of the material in this library is offered for free access in other sections of this website, particularly the newsletter archive and the current selections of "wisdom teachings."

Most of the library has been published in various books and CD sets, all of which are offered for sale directly through the publishers. The entire 12 Pathway program is published by Sounds True titled SEEING THROUGH THE EYES OF GOD, and can be purchased at a discount price directly from Sounds True (see the section on books and cd's.) In addition, readers who only want individual selections can purchase any audio files directly through this Cooper site for a modest fee of $.98 each for immediate download.  

A great deal of material is provided here and those of you who are interested in engaging in a discussion on any of the subjects presented are encouraged to do so through the interactive parts of the website--see the page "Let's Talk." 

Welcome, and enjoy.