1160 Ado-noy, Ado-noy: 13 Attributes

1160 SP

THE THIRTEEN ATTRIBUTES: “Adonoi(1), Adonai(2), God of mercy(3), compassion(4) and grace(5); patience(6), great love(7), and truth(8); who protects love for the multitudes(9), who can support those who fail(10), or who have outbursts(11) and make harmful mistakes(12)—even all this, It cleans, purifies and washes everything away(13).”

The thirteen attributes come directly out of Torah, in the section when Moses has gone up the mountain to get the tablets of the commandments, and the essential teachings regarding these attributes is that this is a guide for living a life of consciousness and connectedness. These attributes are obviously and intentionally difficult to clearly define, leaving a great deal of room for interpretation, but no matter what is derived, it will provide guidance for those who want to live a life that leads to God Consciousness. The music associated with this is a melody widely known because it is chanted around the world on the High Holy Days.