1308 Humans and God-ing Co-create

1308 MK

What does it mean that humans and the God-ing process co-create the universe? The concept of the co-creation of the universe builds upon the kabbalistic idea that creation is the result of an infinite Bestower that is constantly giving. This bestowing property is the core urge behind all that moves; it is the source of all that “is.” It’s nature is to give.

The nature of creation is to receive. The "will" to receive is the result of this infinite bestowing nature of the universe. In the statement that humans are creatures created in the likeness of the Bestower, it suggests that humans have the potential to give as well as receive. This capability of giving is at its source the bestowing nature of "creation." Thus the universal urge to give finds its fullest capability in human consciousness, which simultaneously receives and gives as vehicle of great potential. (see 1323)