1311 The Faces of God-ing

1311 MK

The mystical approach specifies that there are no characteristics that can be attributed to the idea of God, for it transcends all attempts to define. Any definition is, by definition, far too limited to grasp infinity, or the absurd notion of “beyond” infinity.

Still, there are many ways to partially suggest a wide variety of characteristics that are associated with God, with the appreciation the we are not suggesting that all these characteristics combined come even close to grasping that which is ungraspable. This variety of characteristics can be appreciated by the large number of names, each represented by a “face-name,” which in Kabbalah is called a Partzuf. Adonoy, Elohim, El, Shaddai, yod-hay-vav-hay, Yah, Tzevaot, Shalom, Ohr, Makom, are but a handful of God-names, each having a defining characteristic.