1319 Kabbalah as Metaphysics

1319 MK

As a metaphysical field of inquiry, the Kabbalah is more of a series of systems than a single ideal. There are many ways to break down the Torah, the Talmud, and other Jewish teachings in a way that seeks the underbelly of Jewish mysticism. Kabbalists manipulate letters, shapes of words, mathematical interpretations and hermeneutical logic (an unusual special way to make connections).

Moreover, under the umbrella of Kabbalah there are different approaches, some having more “merit” than others, but each making yet another contribution. All of this adds complexity and in some instances confusion to what Kabbalah is all about. Still, the compiled methodogies offer a new and brighter look into the possibilities of exploring and speculating on the deepest and most serious questions of what this world and this universe is all about.