2130 Meditation on Becoming Oneness


The creator holds securely to the upper world and also to the lower world. He does not court the female [the creator does not have to entice creation], since one never parts from the other and both are eternally in a state of interconnectedness. The seed could not flow except when it can be received [giving cannot operate independently but always flows when continuously received], and so it is that the mutual desires [of both giver and receiver] are blended into one inseparable ecstasy [every moment of creation].  Zohar Bereshith 162b


One of the central practices in Jewish mysticism is the idea of letting go of the sense of the self so that we are able to become at one with the source of creation--at one with the Divine. This, as noted before, is called devekut. It is probably one of the most discussed meditative practices in the Hassidic movement and in all of Kabbalah. The visualization that follows is one of many ways to enter into the mind state of devekut. (This is best done with a guide who reads at a slow pace and sits quietly at appropriate intervals..)

1. Sit quietly where you will not be disturbed for 30-45 minutes, body relaxed, eyes closed, experiencing the breath. Do this for five minutes.

2. Imagine you are standing in a field, a meadow. In one direction you can see a dwelling in the distance. Approach the dwelling without going inside. There is nobody living here at this time and it has at least three rooms inside. You may circle it if you wish, but in any case, describe to yourself what it looks like from the outside. (stop reading for two minutes)

3. Now, enter the dwelling and go into the first room you see. The room is completely empty except a large full length mirror is hanging on one wall. Stand before this mirror and look at yourself. See yourself as other people see you. Evaluate yourself physically, emotionally and intellectually as you see yourself in the mirror. See the strengths and weaknesses of your personality in this mirror. Notice how your feel. (take a couple minutes)

4. Step back, and make your way into a second room. This room is darker than the first, and also empty. It too has a full length mirror. As the light begins to grow in this room, realize that you are going to be able to see an image of the Divine reflected in this room's mirror. Looking deeply into this mirror you are going to be able to see one of the infinite images of God, however it represents itself to you. Try not to be  judgmental of the image. Simply allow it to be whatever arises. Any image (or non-image) is fine. Feel the presence of God in this room. (take a few minutes)

5. Slowly step back from the mirror, gather yourself, and begin to make your way into the third room, which is quite dark when you first enter. In this room, notice it too is empty and there is a full length mirror on the wall. As the light begins to brighten you will notice that you are looking at yourself, once again, except that you are now able to see yourself through the eyes of the Divine. You are able to see your physical, emotional, and intellectual make up through the eyes of God. Let the room fill with light, complete and bright. Let your heart completely open to this image of yourself as seen thought the eyes of God, for this is the true nature of your being,. (take a few minutes)

6. When you are ready let yourself go back out the same way you came into this dwelling. Let yourself go back to the field where you began this journey. Notice now how it feels to be here. Feel in yourself the sense of your true nature, and know that you can live you life as if you are always viewing yourself and everything around you through the eyes of God. Every action that you make, every work that you speak, everything thought in your mind, through the eyes of God. It will transform you. It will transform the relationships with those around you. And it will transform your relationship with the Divine. (take a few minutes, and preferably record your experiences)